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This web app allows you to search the Christadelphian 1932 Blue Hymn Book and 2002 Green Hymn Book by a phrase, word, or number.

For best results, use Safari or Google Chrome

How to Use
To begin using the app, press Done. You can return to this window by pressing the ( ? ) button.

Tap or click the search box at the top of the page to search the Hymn Book, and enter the phrase / word you wish to search for.

For example, when searching from the Blue book:
  • Typing "Jerusalem" will bring up all hymns containing the word "Jerusalem"
  • Typing "29" will bring up Hymn 29, Anthem 29, and Hymn 1 (Which is Hymn 29 in the Green Book)
  • Leaving the text box empty will simply show the whole Hymn Book

Remember that the Hymn Books often use unusual spelling and punctuation. If you can't find the hymn you are looking for, try searching with fewer words. Some words are often used in abbreviated form (e.g. "over" becomes "o'er"). Although the search will usually take these cases into account, it won't necessarily work for all abbreviations.

Several hymns in the Green book are still subject to copyright restrictions and only the first line is given. These hymns may be listed by searching the Green book for "copyright"

How to Install
If you are using Safari on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can install this app on your home screen:
  1. Tap the share button ( ) in the toolbar
  2. Tap the plus button (
    ) labeled "Add to home screen" You may have to scroll the list of buttons sideways to find it.
  3. Tap "Add" (top right corner)

Installed 👍🏼
App is successfully installed, though you will still need internet access to use it.